Stress Management Workshop 2017

Did you end your 2016 feeling stressed, burnout, and unable to effectively cope with the hustle and bustle that we lead in our fast paced lives?

In our daily lives, we are often faced with great pressure, and our stress levels may become extremely heightened, especially towards the end of the year! 

Start your 2017 off the right way and learn the correct tools on how effectively manage your stress levels in this digital age. We all stress on daily basis, whether its handing in that big assignment for work, trying to juggle between work/life balance or ensuring that we pass our exams at University/school.. We all Stress…

So what makes your stress different to someone else? Why do some people who are going through the same life challenges, experience stress differently? A lack of insufficient knowledge and tools to effectively manage stress may lead to destructive coping mechanisms, resulting in burnout, depleting our adrenal system – undermining our health, both personally and professionally.

Join us for an empowering workshop to build your resilience and acquire tools to mitigate the impact of the stressors on your wellbeing

This workshop will examine present stresses, develop constructive coping mechanisms, teach relaxation and offer opportunities for debriefing and support.

What will I learn?

By attending this course, you will learn manage stress and build personal resilience by:

  • Creating an awareness of your levels of stress

  • Looking at the specific factors (personality styles and environmental factors) contributing to your stress

  • Affording an opportunity to debrief and unpack some work related or personal stresses

  • Allowing participants to de-stress during the course of the day

  • Developing personalised tools for managing stress more effectively and proactively

  • Addressing lifestyle factors

  • Providing relaxation tools

There are a number of ways in which Yoga helps an individual to not only calm the mind and body but also assists with our internal organs, posture and flexibility.

BONUS: We will be bringing a qualified yoga instructor to demonstrate simple yet effective techniques that we can even use at the office, on how to de-stress, breathe and listen to when our mind and body says enough!

Date: 28th January 2017

Time: 09h00-16h00

Address: LifeLine Johannesburg- No 2, The Avenue, Corner of Henrietta Road, Norwood, 2192.

Cost: R700.00 per participant. This includes a facilitator, Yoga instructor, Light refreshments and Course handouts

To attend this exciting workshop, please email or call

(011) 728-1331 to reserve your spot!

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